Kinesiology for Young People


Evidence indicates a growing number of young people presenting to schools and other health professionals with behavioural, learning and stress-related disorders, including anxiety and depression. The factors contributing to these behaviours are varied and can include increases in academic pressure, decreasing cohesion in family units, emotional trauma and personal transitions within young people.

Adolescent years can be challenging as young people struggle to cope with pressures of school, relationships, body image, peer pressure and social media all whilst trying to work out who they are and what direction they want to take in life. It can be difficult to find a balance between school, part-time employment, hanging out with friends and trying to maintain connections with their families. With all this going on in their lives it is no wonder mental health growing epidemic amongst young people on the Sunshine Coast.

Kinesiology is a holistic approach to assist young people in working through trauma, pain, learning difficulties, poor decision making, stress, anxiety, and depression and provides them with an opportunity to release emotional stresses, gain confidence in who, they really are and live with purpose.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive energetic healing science. It is safe and uses the gentle art of muscle-monitoring techniques to access the subconscious mind and gain accurate information about your current challenges and what is needed to assist your mind and body to restore balance and alignment. It does not diagnose illnesses but aims at treating the core issues not just the signs and symptoms. It is also beneficial if medication is not an option or an ongoing option.

As a Youth Practitioner with 16 years experience and Kinesiologist, I combine both modalities to provide a holistic treatment. I have found that Kinesiology is great option for young people to release emotions and express their frustrations in a non-judgemental environment. It can be extremely beneficial for those young people that feel like they have told their story a thousand times but it hasn’t given them the desired outcome of inner peace, clarity and empowerment they hoped for.

Megan services are professional, confidential and life changing. She has a natural ability to connect with young people on their level so they feel safe, relaxed and open express their fears, frustrations and concerns. Megan has worked with thousands of young people on the Sunshine Coast to help them find inner peace, clarity & direction.

Price – $150 per treatment (1-1.5hours).

web - youth page (1)I am proudly affiliated with Teens Take Control, a school based program for young people that incorporates martial arts and the art of life to assist young people on their life journey. It is available to young people who may battle with depression and anxiety, staying focused in school, have low self-esteem issues, or being bullied at school or through social media to ‘Take Control’ of their lives again.

I will donate $2 for every Kinesiology treatment on anyone under 18 years old.

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"Megan is the kind of practitioner that lifts you up into the most stellar version of yourself whilst inviting you to gently soften your hard edges and open to the sometimes messy, sometimes vulnerable parts of being human. She mixes her deep wisdom with warmth and authenticity whilst also happening to be a kick-ass kinesiology practitioner."

- Melissa Sandon

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