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I’m Megan Johnston a Kinesiologist, Energy Healer and a Soul Mentor.

I am here on this earth to gently open the hearts of woman so they can feel deeply, love openly and flow freely in their lives.

I empower women to choose themselves and love with their full heart and soul.

I guide women on soulful journey’s deep within their hearts to reconnect them with the happy, confident soulful woman within that they know they truly are.

I teach women through the art of embodiment how to heal themselves by finding the beauty in their pain.  Together we journey within to, peel away the emotional layers of protection we build to protect our sensitive hearts to rediscover our authentic self.

I support women to find their freedom within, trust their intuition and express their desires, which leads them to discovering their soul purpose.


One that is seeking her answers from within

One that values self-love and personal development

One who has lost their clarity and way in life through a situation

One who is ready to let go of the control, pain, fear, struggle and story

One that is ready to start a new chapter and ride the wave of transformation

One that has goals, dreams and ambitions that they wish to share with the world

One that is ready to listen to the whispers of what their heart truly desires

One that is committed to the process of transformation & change

One that wants to expand and shine their brightest light

One that says yes to taking a wild leap of faith

One who desires inner peace & harmony

Trust that you are courageous enough, trust that you have the answers within, trust that this journey will be worth the effort. I am ready to gently guide you to find your flow through the extraordinary art of Kinesiology combined with the principles of Psychology.


For a short time only I am still offering individual sessions.

Adult Kinesiology Sessions                                                      – 90 mins – Investment  $150

Children Kinesiology Sessions                                                 – 60 mins – Investment   $130



Choose Your Soul: The Woman Within Journey

8 Week online transformational heart & soul JOURNEY – to open the gateway to your soul purpose.

A powerful fusion of my personal signature process, energy medicine, embodiment & psychology to unleash
the ocean of love that lies within you.

Awaken your intuition + soul connection to activate your innate healing superpowers in this intimate 8-week deep dive into the truth of who you really are.  Journey within the depths of your heart, emotions & belief systems to find your freedom. Awaken & align to the light of your soul, all while being beautifully supported by your soul sisters.


Module 1:  Awaken your soul + connect to your intuition

Module 2:  Feel deeply + Love Openly.

Module 3:  Control, Sabotage, Destruction and Fears

Module 4:  Create Empowering Beliefs

Module 5:  Express your Truth

Module 6:  Trust the Path of your Soul.


Are you interested or ready to choose your soul? Click here The Woman Within Journey




6 Month Mentorship Program

This program is for women who are ready to choose themselves and COMMITT in a big and wholehearted way.

Choose Yourself is a unique and deep heart and soul healing journey, to rediscovering the truth of who you really are.

It’s for women who give so much, as mothers, as partners, as friends but don’t know how to connect with what they truly desire and the kind of life they want to live.

This is a complete life transformational process focusing on inner healing, energetic work as well as the practical steps to create the life you were born to live.

There are 3 parts to this program consisting of 2 months each:

  1. Feel Deeply – Deep Inner Child Healing and Emotional Mastery
  2. Love Openly – Losing and Finding yourself – Self Discovery and Self-empowerment.
  3. Flow Freely – Uncovering Your Soul Purpose.




  • Diploma in Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Science – Applied Psychology
  • Certificate 111 in Counselling
  • Daily yoga and meditation student
  • Inituitive & Holistic Counsellor
  • Youth Specialist – over 16 years experience in working with children & young people


  • Trust the process and enjoy the journey
  • To be open, honest and expand your self-awareness
  • To acknowledge and accept your authentic self (light & darkness)
  • To be open to letting go of the struggles, both the emotional & physical pain
  • To be open to new thoughts, perceptions, behaviours, lessons learnt
  • To incorporate the practical strategies in your everyday life
  • To be on time to appointments and pay in a timely manner
  • Do you HOMEWORK – yes your homework! Don’t worry its FUN 


  • To empower you to heal yourself and find the answers you seek within you.
  • To be open, honest and answer any questions you may have.
  • To provide a professional and affordable service.
  • To provide a relaxing comfortable and functional environment for you to heal.
  • To hold a sacred space for you to journey within.
  • To provide information in relation to Kinesiology & transformation
  • To provide feedback, and give practical tools and strategies to transform
  • To refer to other specialist practitioners if necessary so you can get the best treatment
  • To provide receipts so you can claim a rebate through your private health fund


Your appointment time is valuable and reserved for you. I understand life happens, but I would much appreciate 48 hours notice of cancellations or change of appointment times. If you cancel your appointment with 24 hours, you will be responsible for the full cost of the session. In return, if I need to cancel or change your appointment your next appointment will be free.  Please note their are no refunds on packages.


I am a registered member of the Australian Kinesiology Association and my Kinesiology services offer a rebate through your Private Health Fund. Please check with your health fund to see if you are eligible for a rebate.

"Megan is the kind of practitioner that lifts you up into the most stellar version of yourself whilst inviting you to gently soften your hard edges and open to the sometimes messy, sometimes vulnerable parts of being human. She mixes her deep wisdom with warmth and authenticity whilst also happening to be a kick-ass kinesiology practitioner."

- Melissa Sandon

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