Kinesiology for Kids

Does this sound like your child?

  • Has difficulties going to sleep or staying asleep
  • Is overly “sensitive” or emotional
  • Complains of a sore tummy or lacks of energy
  • Throws temper tantrums
  • Suffers frequently from colds and flu’s
  • Finds it hard to develop friendships
  • Has trouble concentrating at school
  • Is overly fearful when trying new things or has phobias
  • Wets the bed
  • Suffers from anxiety, panic attacks or extreme shyness
  • Attachment issues
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“My daughters aged 3 & 5 have benefited from Kinesiology and often now ask for a balance when they feel they need it. I have seen improvements in their skin allergies, their emotional wellbeing and sleeping patterns. Things that used to be a drama like cleaning their teeth, going to bed, and chores seem to happen with more ease.”

Haley King


Megan has a real passion for helping children and uncovering patterns of imbalance and stress.  The first seven years of a child’s life is crucial to their development of self, values, beliefs and attitudes. If a child experiences a trauma or ongoing stress during these years, it can affect their lives immensely. Kinesiology is a very safe and gentle holistic treatment that can “talk to” your child’s system to help determine and release energetic blockages that are inhibiting their natural abundant energy, health and happiness.

Children are often under immense pressure to learn, grow and conform at home, at school and in their communities. They are increasingly exposed to toxic environments through an increase in the use of chemicals, pesticides and food additives as well as high sodium and sugar content in foods. Their lifestyle may be overloaded with social media, TV and computer games and they may attend mainstream schooling systems that don’t cater for their unique abilities. All of these factors can contribute to difficulties and stress in your child’s life.

Children can find it difficult to express, themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed, scared or anxious which can lead them to feeling unheard. This can manifest in behavioural problems, learning difficulties and in their physical bodies (colds, cravings, pain, stomach aches, digestion, and skin disorders). Kinesiology can help release these emotions and create healthy boundaries to protect the beautiful and gentle nature of your child so they can freely communicate their feelings and needs.

Children with learning difficulties can be common and may lead to stressful experiences of frustration and anger. Learning difficulties, lie with a child’s ability to process, integrate and comprehend information. Kinesiology can help reset and integrate any emotional blocks in your child’s neural connections to assist their brain integration and ability to learn.

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Benefits of Kinesiology

Imagine how different your life would be if your child could:

  • Go to bed without a drama and slept soundly
  • Be confident and try new things with enthusiasm
  • Make friends easily
  • Concentrate at school with ease.
  • Express their fears and concerns in a calm and safe manner
  • Be their happy, health, energetic, vibrant self
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I have worked with many children and their parents to clear emotional stress. My passion is to clientsto listen to their bodies, thoughts, feelings and ways to cope with stress. I can work directly with your child or on you via a surrogate session. I try to keep children’s sessions to 45 mins and individual treatments plans are developed.



“We first met Megan in late October 2014 through a friend. I had never experienced kinesiology and truthfully wasn’t quite sure exactly how it worked. Our little family was experiencing great difficulties with three and a half year old daughter, Peyton. She was very restless sleeping, often waking up to five times a night! Her behaviour would switch from being the most beautiful, sweet child to a moody, screaming “devil” child. It was heartbreaking, tiring and draining on all of us. We went to the doctors who didn’t understand. When my daughter started describing HER traumatic birthing experience, we decided to seek help. Megan worked on this issue and others troubling Peyton with sensitivity. The difference in her was noticeable within four days. Her sleeping patterns got better and better and we no longer saw the screaming, troubled episodes. It was such an utter joy and more importantly relief that we had our little girl back! The warmth and energy Megan puts into her work is inspiring.”

Maryanne McKinnon & Family

Pricing for Children and Young People

60 mins  – $130


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"Megan is the kind of practitioner that lifts you up into the most stellar version of yourself whilst inviting you to gently soften your hard edges and open to the sometimes messy, sometimes vulnerable parts of being human. She mixes her deep wisdom with warmth and authenticity whilst also happening to be a kick-ass kinesiology practitioner."

- Melissa Sandon

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